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Adopt a granny Rs. 5000/- month per person

Adopt a Granny

The "Anand Vriddhashram" of Tara Sansthan, Udaipur is open to such aged people who are destitute, lonely and helpless – who either do not have any body in family to care for them or who have a family but are not treated well and are insulted and humiliated. They have been forced to live a life of agony at last stage of their life – These helpless and suffering people are provided with food, clothing, accommodation, medical care entertainment and a homely atmosphere-all absolutely free-of-cost in the Anand Vriddhashram. Our humane aim is to ensure a smoth, happy and joyful living to each aged inmate so that he or she could spend the rest of life in peace and comfort. We appeal to those kind hearted Donors – who feel concerned about the miserable life of these aged people and feel sympathetic for them, that they kindly come forward with a donation of Rs. 5000 per person, per month to Tara Sansthan.

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